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What is Australian Football? Guide to Betting on Australian Football at BK8 Bookmaker
Betting on Australian football is a unique bookmaker top and intriguing online sport that has been attracting a large number of participants and developing rapidly, not inferior to other sports.
Introduction to Australian Football
Australian football (commonly referred to as Aussie rules football) officially bears the name Australian football, abbreviated as Aussie rules or footy.
It is a contact sport played with an oval ball between two teams. Each team consists of 18 players on the oval field and 4 substitutes.
The objective of scoring in this sport is to control the ball through the opponent team's end zone.
After each scoring, the points received depend on the position of the ball's outcome. The lowest score is one point if the ball goes through the center of a goal or behind the goal post. The highest score, which is 6 points, is recorded if the ball goes through the middle goal posts.
During gameplay, players can move to any position on the field and are allowed to use hands, feet, and any part of the body to control the ball.
Main tasks include running, kicking, or handballing the ball. This sport involves physical contests, quick transitions by players, high scoring abilities, and the capacity to create confrontational points.
What is Betting on Australian Football?
Betting on football is an online sports betting discipline based on bookmakers' odds. While this discipline is not yet widespread in Vietnam, Australian football presents an opportunity to earn money through betting on Australian football matches.
Similar to other sports, players only need to familiarize themselves with the players, follow the schedule, then access the bookmaker and start betting.
Betting on australia bookmaker is not too complicated, it's easy to play, and the winning rate is relatively high. However, to grasp the rewards, players need to spend some time understanding the basic rules, various forms of Australian football betting, and major Australian football tournaments to easily win.
Guide to Betting on Australian Football
Information on Australian Football Tournaments
Among all sports in Australia, Australian football is the most popular sport, attracting the largest television audience.
The biggest and only professional tournament of this sport is the Australian Football League (AFL) competition. The AFL Grand Finals are held annually at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. This club championship event attracts the largest global audience.
The AFL is the world's most significant club championship tournament in terms of the number of players involved. It includes 18 teams competing against each other at least once.
After the conclusion of 23 matches, the top 8 teams are selected to advance to the playoffs. The teams continuously compete against each other, and the two winning teams proceed directly to the AFL Grand Final to determine the championship team.
Types of Betting on Australian Football
Handicap Betting
Handicap betting (also known as spread betting) is a very popular form of betting at bookmakers.
Players need to predict the final margin in the match. However, in handicap betting, the bookmaker divides the teams into strong and weak teams.
Naturally, the strong team will give a handicap or points to the weaker team to balance the match.
For example: In a match between West Coast Eagles and Western Bulldogs, the Western Bulldogs team is given a 3.5-point handicap (meaning an additional 3.5 points are added to the actual total score).
If you bet on the Western Bulldogs, you win if the two teams draw, the Western Bulldogs win, or lose by a maximum of 3 points.
In the remaining cases, if the West Coast Eagles win by 4 points or more, you lose.
Odd/Even Betting
This involves predicting whether the total points of the match will be odd or even and placing bets accordingly.
A point total is provided by the bookmaker before the match begins. Players can bet before or during the game, as long as the match is not finished.
Over/Under Betting
For this form of Australian football betting, the bookmaker provides a certain odds. Then, the player needs to predict whether the total points of the match will be higher or lower than the bookmaker's odds.
If the player predicts a lower total points, they place a bet on Under. Conversely, if they predict a higher total points, they bet on Over.
Assuming the bookmaker's odds are 42, and the actual total points of the match are 60 points. Those who bet on Over in Australian football betting will win; those who bet on Under will lose.
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First Team to Score Betting
This form of Australian football betting is easy to understand but has a relatively low win rate. It requires players to have extensive experience and understanding of the players in the match.
With this bet, results are determined within a few minutes of the match starting. Players only need to predict the name of the first player to score against the opponent's goal.
This bet can be divided into 3 smaller bets:
Betting on any player to score first (regardless of scoring 1 or 6 points).
Betting on a player to score 1 point first.
Betting on a player to score 6 points first.
Betting on Each Quarter
Each match is divided into 4 quarters. Before each quarter starts, players can place bets on each quarter. Players can predict the score or which team will win the quarter.
Match Result Betting
This betting is similar to betting on each quarter as mentioned above. Australian football rarely results in a tie. Therefore, bookmakers stipulate two outcomes: one team wins or the other team wins.
Season Outcome Betting
Similar to other betting disciplines, players can bet on the outcome of the entire season. Players need to predict the team that will win the championship and the outstanding player of the season. Results will be recognized from the beginning of the competition until before the end of the season.
Australian Football Betting Odds
The betting odds are set as a multiplier of the amount of money the player has bet. The betting odds are used to calculate the amount of bonus money the player will receive for each specific betting option.
Players can accurately calculate the bonus amount by multiplying the betting amount by the betting odds.
For example, if a player bets 300,000 VND on the West Coast Eagles team with odds of 2.5. If the West Coast Eagles win, the player will receive 750,000 VND (which is 2.5 times the initial betting amount).
Each bookmaker will stipulate different betting odds. Therefore, before participating in betting, players need to compare the bookmakers to choose the best betting odds for their match.
If betting at low odds, the likelihood of winning will be higher. Conversely, higher betting odds are less likely to bring rewards to players.
However, predicting outcomes is uncertain. For example, a team with a 75% chance of winning could still be defeated.
Australian Football Betting Rewards
Betting on Australian football is a betting game that rewards real money. Match results will be continuously updated and announced immediately after the match ends.
The total amount of winnings from Australian football betting at the BK8 bookmaker is always transparent. To know the amount of bonuses during betting.
Players can check back in the "Balance" section located in the top right corner of the screen.
The process of converting bonus money into real money and withdrawing money from the BK8 bookmaker is extremely simple. Just access your "Personal Profile" page. Then, click on the withdrawal order to your bank account.
To complete the transaction, you need to wait for a short period of time. Within 5 minutes, the bonus money will be credited directly to your bank account.
Betting on Australian football is fundamentally similar to other sports. The information we've shared has helped you understand more about this unique and fascinating sport.
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