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#1 Publicado : lunes, 10 de enero de 2022 1:45:40(UTC)

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Apart from a more robust MyCareer mode, the majority of NBA 2K22 MT the modes remain pretty much the same. The ability to take over the entire NBA franchise through the MyNBA mode will allow you to choose and assign coaching and front office personnel to better meet the needs and objectives of your team, which I found never affected the court on such a important level.

The W gives you the chance to pursue an enviable career in all the levels within WNBA however, it feels lacking in comparison to the MyCareer's main MyCareer. It strips away any individuality The City had and confining the goals and strategies of The City to basic menus. MyTeam however isn't a perfect mix. Certain aspects have seen an overhaul, like the increasing frequency of reward packs and cards, on top of the continually changing and themed seasons.

MyTeam Online is now The 100 The 100, which adds the aforementioned penalties for losses and points you earn and prevents you from some of the sweeter benefits. In saying that, The Draft mode in MyTeam allows players to dive in with the maximum sense of depth.

Choice and customisation as you create your squads, but falls victim to micro-transactions once you run out of the initial tickets required for participation in this mode. This is flat out inexcusable and adds to the overall grind that MyTeam has changed over the last few years.

In many ways, NBA 2K22 is a major improvement over last year's mixed bag and is able to address aspects of Buy 2K MT PS4 concern, rather than making changes to the structure at this moment. The gameplay is smoother and enjoyable, and the improved ability to shoot and stamina won me over in mere minutes. The defensive plays feel more natural, and time on the court is much more pleasant than it has for quite many years.
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