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#1 Publicado : jueves, 29 de octubre de 2020 2:57:27(UTC)

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I believe like Runescape definitely could still be going strong

Their focus on RS gold graphics and tiny upgrades was unsatisfactory to me as well, one of Runescape's attractions were the quests and I feel like they missed out on some fantastic opportunities. (Elf city??) I really think their pursuit process is among the very best out of this MMOs I have playedand yet I really don't find a lot being published as of late. Maybe I am just bitter, but I feel like Runescape definitely could be going strong if they had gone in a different way.

The simple issue is that they kept doing things that split the fanbase, instead of listening and undermining. EoC is a perfect example -- yes, it meant they could do things in the sport that they could not do before, but it cost them a huge chunk of their playerbase. Even in the event that you prefer EoC, was it really worth much decline in the game's popularity? I believe not. A little more openness to compromise could readily have saved them tens of thousands of membership cancellations.

The other painfully obvious issue is they have been bleeding their Runescape clients dry to fund a huge series of flops. Every penny that has been spent on Stellar Dawn, Mechscape, Thirdscape, a string of free iPhone games not to mention the huge fee for licencing that the Transformers brand as well as the mountain of money that's been poured into making the perennially unfinished Transformers game itself has ALL come in the pockets of Runescape players.

While Jagex's additional flops (8 Realms, Funorb, etc.) might have brought in a little bit of cash, I doubt it coated the developments costs for people , so we've been subsidising those also. Runescape has been starved of quests since the devs are all off working on other games which never get to the stage of being playable. They released Birthright of the Dwarves just a few days ago and it is assumed to be a good and challenging quest. Haven't finished it yet since I don't fulfill the requirements, but most men and women appear to be having difficulty with the boss fight(s). It's likely to be based across Sliske's'competition' (probably not the best word as I do not think that it could be considered a competition seeing as until recently Itchlarin was much stronger, so let us simply say Sliske dislikes Itchlarin a lot) using Itchlarin and Death's disappearance. It is a quest which may be considered the continuation of The World Wakes because we will eventually find out whether Sliske became a God or not and the way he got the team of Armadyl. I read they are also working on a different quest but I really can not remember buy OSRS gold what it is about.
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