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How to purchase shares? Its easy! First, you pick a reputable online stock broker and make an account. Follow the setup instructions they provide and you’re all set. Be sure the service offers two factor authentication. Passwords are no longer secure enough alone to protect large sums of money. Be certain the online stock broker you pick is reputable, one way to tell is if they have the green URL bar that shows they are who they say they are and that your connection is secure. Another critical thing to remember is, NEVER INVEST MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE! Its always tempting to throw huge amounts of money into the pot with the promise of high gains, but keep in mind that investment is a risky venture and you stand to lose that money as well. Portfolio diversity is also critical. Simply, this means don’t put all of your investment in one stock. Buy many from diverse markets so that if one sector has a downtick, you will still be in the black. Keep in mind the relative risk of a share before you buy it online. Check the price history of the share and see if it goes up and down a lot. If you see a very volatile stock, you can also short sell online. This is the process of betting against the share. You make money if it goes down. This is especially useful in some share buying. Soliera, Italy


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